Even Liberals Shocked by Biden’s Vietnam Blunder: Is This the Democrat Downfall?

In a press conference in Vietnam, Joe Biden once again showcased his senility, but this time he had a new trick up his sleeve. As he was trying to answer questions, White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre came out and took the microphone from him, leaving Biden on stage rambling away.

The president’s mic-stealing moment was so awkward that even CNN had to acknowledge it, using words like “rambling” and noting the toll the trip had taken on Biden’s mental and physical state. Wow, even the left-wing press can’t spin this one. It’s clear that they can’t let Biden be the nominee in 2024. But who else do they have? Kamala Harris? Yeah, good luck with that. She’s about as popular as a root canal.

Democrats need to face the reality that the Republican nominee will likely be far more capable than Biden, especially when he keeps having these episodes on the campaign trail. Letting Biden be the nominee is like playing with fire, and they’re just asking to get burned.

And let’s not forget, the economy is going down the toilet, which won’t help their case either. It’s almost comical that they didn’t go with Gavin Newsom instead. I can’t stand the guy, but he would have had better appeal in 2024. Now, it’s Biden or Harris, and neither of them stands a chance. Good luck, Democrats. You’ll need it.

Written by Staff Reports

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