Ex-Capitol Police Chief’s Explosive Revelations on J6, Exclusive on Tucker!

In a recent episode posted on X, the infamous social media platform formerly known as Twitter, Tucker Carlson spilled the tea on his interview with ex-Capitol Police Chief Steven Sund, a conversation that never saw the light of day on Fox News. But fear not, because Carlson brought Sund back for a second round of chit-chat about the wild events of January 6, 2021.

During their hour-long back and forth, Carlson couldn’t help but wonder why certain shady characters, like Ray Epps, haven’t been arrested yet. According to Carlson, Epps can be seen on tape “instigating others to break the law.” As a die-hard conservative, Carlson is all about law and order, and he’s not afraid to call out those who seem to be above it.

Sund also dropped a bombshell revelation about the possibility that the January 6 incident was allowed to happen for political gain. According to Sund, military leaders discussed locking down the city due to concerns of violence in the days leading up to January 6. But guess who wasn’t in the loop? Sund himself. Not only that, but on January 4th, Miller, who was in charge, restricted the National Guard from carrying any weapons or civil disobedience equipment. It’s a head-scratcher for Carlson, who can’t fathom why the authorities would disarm themselves right before potential violence.

But the plot thickens. Carlson didn’t shy away from pointing fingers at none other than Rep. Nancy Pelosi. He raised the question of why critical information was withheld from Sund by other federal agencies before January 6. And just when the chaos reached its peak, Pelosi allegedly refused to allow Sund to bring in the National Guard for a whopping 71 minutes. As a champion of accountability, Carlson can’t help but ask why we still don’t have any answers about these significant security failures.

Carlson doesn’t hold back on expressing his opinions about these matters. In his view, it’s concerning that certain individuals implicated in the Capitol breach haven’t faced consequences, and it’s alarming that key information was kept from the person responsible for security at the Capitol. And when the going got tough, Carlson believes Pelosi dropped the ball on protecting the Capitol by delaying the deployment of the National Guard. With so many unanswered questions and a potential political game at play, it’s clear why Carlson is demanding accountability and transparency.

Written by Staff Reports

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