Ex-Harvard Boss Nauseated as Students Fault Israel for Hamas Strikes

Former Harvard President Larry Summers expressed his outrage and disgust at a statement issued by Harvard students blaming Israel for the recent Hamas attacks. Summers, who has a long history of liberal affiliations, took to social media to voice his profound disappointment in the university’s administration for their failure to condemn the student statement. He criticized their silence and lack of moral clarity during this “time of testing.” Summers recognized that criticizing Israeli policy is fair, but blaming the entire country for terrorism is morally unconscionable.

Amidst the controversy surrounding Summers himself, including his resignation from Harvard in 2006 and his association with Jeffrey Epstein, his comments on the student statement are spot-on. It is indeed disturbing to see Harvard students openly siding with vicious killers and supporting the true savagery of Hamas. This situation once again highlights the moral bankruptcy of many higher education institutions in America, which have become breeding grounds for leftist and Communist propaganda. Summers should be applauded for speaking out against this evil, regardless of his past controversies.

Finally, after much public outcry, Harvard addressed the situation in a social media post. However, their response fell short, as they failed to directly address the students’ statement. This only further confirms the broken status of our supposed elite educational institutions.

Written by Staff Reports

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