Explosive! Kelly Roasts GOP’s Failure to Check Biden DOJ’s Jan 6 Actions

During an interview with Julie Kelly, HumanEvents' Jack Posobiec talked about the sentence given to Enrique Tarrio, the former leader of the Proud Boys. He noted that Tarrio received a 22-year prison sentence. Kelly commended Vivek Ramaswamy, a Republican candidate for governor of Karnataka, for speaking out against Biden's administration. She also criticized the House Republicans for failing to defund the former's Justice Department.

On Twitter, Kelly commended Ramaswamy for his criticism of the actions of the Department of Justice, specifically the treatment of the Proud Boys and Enrique Tarrio. She noted that since Tarrio and the other individuals were constituents of Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, they should be protected from what she referred to as the Department of Justice's retaliatory and abusive behavior.

According to Kelly, DeSantis has not done enough to address the issue. Despite the number of people arrested in Florida on January 6, he has not condemned the actions of the Department of Justice. Kelly also questioned why the governor and other Republicans are still silent on the issue, given that these individuals are supporters of Trump.

Posobiec asked Kelly about possible ways to stop the Department of Justice from carrying out its relentless pursuit of January 6 case after case. She noted that House Republicans have failed to utilize their power to stop this, and she suggested impeaching the judges involved in these investigations. She additionally pointed out the role that Congress plays in funding these agencies.

Kelly noted that Republicans have the power to influence the various judicial bodies, including the District of Columbia's District Court, the District of Columbia's Circuit Court, and the US Attorney's Office. She wondered why they continue to support these agencies despite their funding being cut. The lack of action by Republicans has led to the creation of a legal and judicial "circle of hell" for those apprehended on January 6.

During her interview, Kelly called out Republican officials and candidates for their silence on the issue, and she urged them to speak out against the actions of the Justice Department. She also noted that the arrest of the January 6 defendants was an overreach by the department.

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