Explosive Video Resurfaces: Biden’s Shocking Dog-Kicking Incident!

A shocking video has resurfaced showing President Biden kicking his own dog, Commander! This disturbing act of animal cruelty comes on the heels of multiple reports of Commander’s aggressive behavior and numerous biting incidents. It seems that Commander has developed quite a taste for human flesh!

The Biden Administration was forced to admit that Commander had been removed from the White House after damning photos emerged showing the German Shepard sinking his teeth into a White House staffer. This is not an isolated incident, folks – from October 2022 to January of this year, Commander reportedly attacked a whopping 12 Secret Service agents and other security personnel. One agent even had to be hospitalized for injuries on his arms and thighs. Yikes!

It’s clear that Commander’s biting problem has become a serious threat to the safety of those working at the White House. The First Lady’s spokesperson emphasized that the Bidens care deeply about the safety of their staff and security personnel, but actions speak louder than words. It’s about time they took responsibility for their out-of-control dog and ensured the safety of those around them.

Unfortunately, it seems that Commander may not be gone for good. The report did not specify whether he has been permanently removed or if there is a chance he could return. But really, do we want a dangerous dog like that back in the White House at all? It’s not just Commander, either. The Biden family previously sent their other German Shepard, Major, away after he bit multiple Secret Service agents. It seems like there’s a pattern here, and it’s not a good one.

In light of these disturbing revelations, the legal watchdog group Judicial Watch has taken action. They have filed a lawsuit against the U.S. Secret Service, seeking all records related to incidents of aggression and bites involving Commander. And here’s the shocker – there are allegations that President Biden himself has punched and kicked his dogs! This is absolutely outrageous and should not be tolerated.

It’s time for President Biden to take responsibility for his actions and the behavior of his pets. Animal cruelty is abhorrent, and it’s even worse when it’s coming from the leader of our country. This is not the kind of example we want our president to set. Let’s hope Judicial Watch gets to the bottom of this and holds the Biden Administration accountable for their mistreatment of animals.

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Explosive Video Resurfaces: Biden’s Shocking Dog-Kicking Incident!

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