Exposed: Five Shocking Lies in Biden’s Ukraine Oval Office Address!

Joe Biden recently delivered an Oval Office address, beginning with a condemnation of Hamas terrorism. However, the speech swiftly transitioned into what appeared to be a strategic political move, employing diversion tactics. It was evident that Biden was endeavoring to shift attention away from the prevailing news cycle, which was dominated by instances of radical Islamic terror targeting Israel – a situation that did not cast him in a favorable light. As the author of "Breaking Biden," I have dedicated substantial time to scrutinizing Biden's tactics, and one consistent observation is his inclination to change the subject when confronted with challenging situations.

In this instance, Biden attempted to draw connections between the situations in Israel and Ukraine, suggesting that those supporting Israel's struggle for survival should also endorse the allocation of substantial taxpayer resources to Ukraine. This endeavor came across as inept and offensive, and it was perceived as an attempt to mislead the American populace. The reality is that Israel is a much closer and historically steadfast ally of the United States, characterized by its democratic governance, support for U.S. counter-terrorism efforts, and its unwavering defense of the Holy Land. In contrast, Ukraine has faced persistent issues with corruption.

Biden's contrived linkage between Israel's survival and spending on Ukraine is not only factually flawed but also deeply offensive. The American people ought to dismiss this notion. If there is to be any connection between funds allocated to Israel and American interests, it should revolve around matters of pressing national security, such as securing our borders, a concern that Biden appears disinterested in addressing.

Furthermore, Biden's call for increased funding for the military-industrial complex raises concerns. The Biden administration has exhibited close ties to the defense industry, and it is apparent that he intends to channel substantial amounts of taxpayer funds into it. Utilizing the tragic events involving Israelis and Americans to advance the interests of the defense industry is not only blatant but also ethically objectionable.

Finally, Biden's reference to the "two-state solution" and his admonishment of Americans for supposed Islamophobia appear out of touch, particularly in light of recent Hamas attacks and an ongoing hostage situation. It is disheartening to witness Biden appearing to placate the pro-Hamas faction within American society and seemingly prioritizing hypothetical sentiments over the safety and security of American citizens.

In conclusion, Biden's Oval Office address showcased astute political maneuvering, diversion strategies, and appeasement efforts. It is evident that his primary objective is to appease his political base and advance his personal political standing, even if it entails dividing the American populace and according preference to the interests of other nations over our own. As the author of "Breaking Biden," I encourage the American people to see through these tactics and hold our leaders accountable.



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