Exposed: How Jan 6 Committee Shatters Key Dem Myth!

January 6 was a day that the liberals will never forget, or so they claim. They compared it to the 9/11 attacks and even to Pearl Harbor. But let’s be real here, those comparisons are way off base. The Democrats went all-in on this narrative and wasted taxpayer dollars by forming a select committee to investigate the so-called “riot.” And what did they find? Nothing. Absolutely nothing.

Now, if this was such a serious event in our history, you would think that the committee would want to preserve all the evidence. But no, they decided to destroy it all instead. If this were a court case, the judge would have thrown it out immediately. One important piece of evidence that is now missing is the communications between the committee and the Biden White House. How convenient.

But it gets worse. The committee also failed to look into the security failures at the Capitol. You know, the whole reason this “riot” happened in the first place. Instead, they were more interested in placing the blame on former President Trump. It’s clear that this committee was just a political circus, and the Democrats were more interested in pushing their own agenda than actually finding the truth.

And where is the media in all of this? Nowhere to be found. The major networks have completely ignored this violation of House rules and federal law. Instead, they would rather talk about a billion-dollar lottery ticket and space tourism. It’s clear that they are more interested in distractions than reporting the actual news.

In the end, January 6 was blown way out of proportion by the left, and the J6 committee was a complete joke. It’s time for the Democrats and the media to move on and start focusing on the real issues that our country is facing.

Written by Staff Reports

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