Exposed: Palestinian Americans Justify Hamas’s Dark Acts of Terror!

These people are absolutely insane! From believing in crazy things like Bigfoot and UFOs to even thinking that Joe Biden has a body double, they sure have lost touch with reality. But the Israeli-Palestinian issue? That’s where the tolerance ends. These individuals have been given so many opportunities to change their ways and stop their terrorist activities, but instead, they have turned the Gaza Strip into a dangerous bomb factory. It’s time to demolish that place.

On October 7, a horrific attack orchestrated by Hamas terrorists, partly funded by Iran, left at least 700 Israelis dead. It’s like a modern-day Holocaust for the Jewish people. These savages didn’t hesitate to go door-to-door, committing acts of violence such as murder, rape, and kidnapping. Supporting Hamas is equivalent to being a terrorist, plain and simple. Some members of Congress have even criticized Israel’s rightful retaliation, while other media outlets have tried to downplay the number of deaths by mixing innocent Palestinians with the terrorist body count.

I must give credit to NBC News for sending a reporter to Little Palestine, Illinois. However, I believe that reporter should be closely monitored by our security forces because it seems like there are terrorist sympathizers lurking around that place. But let’s not be too surprised by this finding.

There was a video captured by Maggie Vespa, and in it, we see some imbecile claiming that Hamas had no other option but to commit heinous acts against innocent people. These individuals are nothing more than a joke, and their opinions should be disregarded. Israel, go ahead and rid Gaza of Hamas. We fully support you!


Written by Staff Reports

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