EXPOSED: Planned Parenthood Dir. Claims Children Are ‘Sexual Beings’

A former executive director of Planned Parenthood claimed that kids are born "sexually" and that they should be taught about sex education in school.

In 2015, Bill Taverner, the director of Planned Parenthood's New Jersey Center for Sex Education, said that people are sexual until death. His comments were caught on tape by Fox News.

According to Taverner, society has a preconceived idea about the sexual preferences of individuals with intellectual disabilities. He claims that everyone is sexual until death.

According to Taverner, comprehensive sexuality education should start in kindergarten as it is a continuous process rather than being restricted to a specific point in a person's life.

He stated that kids are learning about sexuality through their parents' attitudes. In addition, when talking about education in K-12, he said that they should be talking about topics such as family, disease prevention, and pregnancy. All of these discussions establish a foundation for a deeper understanding of sex. Age-appropriate education is also important.

In 2012, Taverner also said that kids should be taught about sex education, especially with regard to pornography. However, in 2021, he stated that sex educators do not want to teach pornography as the main source of sex education.

According to its website, Planned Parenthood is the country's largest provider of sex education. It serves 1.2 million individuals annually.

According to Planned Parenthood, sex educators are trained to teach various topics such as birth control, communication skills, and healthy relationships. They also cover topics such as puberty and body image. In addition, these professionals talk about the importance of preventing sexually transmitted infections.

The Washington Examiner contacted Planned Parenthood for comment.

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