FACT CHECK: Did MTG Tweet About Dragons Being Dinosaurs?

A tweet has been making rounds on the internet, suggesting that Marjorie Taylor Greene, a Republican Representative from Georgia, subscribes to the belief that dinosaurs are actually dragons. However, this assertion is unfounded and originated from a satirical source. There is no indication that Greene ever expressed such a view.

According to a tweet that has surfaced, Marjorie Taylor Greene is purported to have made a statement that the Bible describes dinosaurs as dragons. The tweet in question has no time stamp, but is said to have been uploaded four hours prior to the screenshot. However, it appears that the tweet originated from a Reddit discussion, where a moderator confirmed in the comments that it was a satirical post. The thread also includes a disclaimer above the photo.

It is evident that the tweet in question did not originate from Marjorie Taylor Greene’s verified Twitter account, as there is no trace of it on her verified Twitter handle or on PolitiTweet, a database that tracks deleted tweets. This serves as another instance of how the liberal media resorts to any means to discredit conservative leaders such as Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene. It is hardly surprising that they would concoct such a story to tarnish her reputation and divert attention from her significant contributions in Congress.

It is important to always fact check stories before sharing them online and to be aware of the liberal media’s attempts to spread false information about conservative leaders. It is vital to remain vigilant in order to combat these lies and ensure that the truth is heard.

Source: The Daily Caller

Written by Staff Reports

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