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FBI Agent: FBI Leadership Wanted An Inquiry on Trump

According to the story, Heide acknowledged that “fired up” senior FBI leaders sought an inquiry into the “Russia collusion” allegations, which Clinton herself had approved and authorized to be distributed to the public, according to prior testimony in the trial.

Heide also acknowledged that the assertion was obvious to be untrue within a short period of time.

Heide gave evidence. Agent Joe Pientka, a supervisor in the so-called Crossfire Hurricane case, which is looking into charges of Trump-Russia collusion, informed him that leadership was “fired up” and that not beginning a probe was not an option.

That happened two days after Sussmann met with James Baker, the FBI’s chief counsel at the time, who had previously testified that Sussmann had said he was coming to the bureau on his own.

Sussmann was allegedly representing clients at the conference, including the Clinton campaign and then-Neustar tech firm executive Rodney Joffe, according to Special Counsel John Durham.

Heide explained that data from the FBI’s cyber division, as well as a review of internet records and other facts, led him to the conclusion that the assertion was false.

However, he explained that there were orders to continue working, despite the fact that it was clear within weeks of the start that the claim was false and that it should have been dropped.

What is also known about the situation is that President Barack Obama was briefed at the time on Clinton’s plan to accuse Trump of having Russian ties in order to divert public attention away from her own email scandal, in which she leaked government secrets to an unsecure server and was then in the news.

The preceding is a summary of an article that originally appeared on WND.

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