Feinstein Passes Attorney Power to Daughter, Clings to Senate Seat!

Senator Dianne Feinstein, the ancient relic of the Senate, has once again shown that she is incapable of doing her job. In a shocking move, Feinstein has given up power of attorney to her daughter, Katherine Feinstein. Now, not only is Feinstein unable to function as a senator, but her daughter will be making decisions in her place. It’s no wonder the Founding Fathers never anticipated such a ridiculous scenario in the Constitution.

Feinstein’s decline has been evident for years, but it seems like she is determined to hold on to her seat until the bitter end. It’s like watching a dinosaur attempt to use a computer – it’s just not going to happen. Maybe if she spent less time napping and more time reading legislation, she would realize that it’s time to retire.

But of course, Feinstein is too stubborn to step down on her own. That’s why it’s up to the Senate to expel her if she won’t go willingly. And now, with her daughter in control, who knows what kind of influence she’ll have over the expulsion vote. It’s a sad state of affairs when a senator is more concerned about keeping her family in power than doing what’s best for the American people.

It’s time for Feinstein to admit that she is no longer fit to serve in the Senate. She should gracefully step aside and let someone with a functional brain take her place. The American people deserve better than a senile old woman and her power-hungry daughter calling the shots. Let’s hope that the Senate has the guts to do what’s right and remove Feinstein from office.

Written by Staff Reports

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