Fiery GOP Rep. Demands Justice for Biden’s Foreign Deals at Press Conference

Representative Nancy Mace (R-SC) gave the Justice Department a fiery message today at a press conference. She blasted the department for failing to take action on evidence that Hunter Biden and other family members engaged in schemes to give foreign companies access to the U.S. government.

“If any of these accusations are true, then someone with the last name Biden deserves to be prosecuted and maybe even thrown in jail,” Rep. Mace declared.

The House Oversight Committee Chair James Comer released details of the committee’s investigation and what steps they will take next. Financial records obtained through subpoenas reveal how Hunter Biden and his associates lobbied for Chinese companies, yet failed to register as foreign agents as required by disclosure regulations.

Moreover, the Justice Department is said to be preparing to take action against Hunter Biden for misdemeanors related to tax records, but also lying about purchasing a gun – a felony.

“This isn’t a conspiracy – it’s the truth,” Rep. Mace added. She brushed off the Democrats’ attacks, stating that House Republicans aren’t unfairly targeting anyone, including Hunter Biden. The investigations have uncovered as many as 12 Biden family members who have received financial compensation because of the representation of foreign companies, which raises eyebrows and increases suspicions surrounding the former vice president.

News of possible charges against President Biden’s son has sent the White House into a state of panic as he embarks on his next presidential campaign. With these allegations of foreign influence, the Republicans will launch a full-blown assault on President Biden, connecting him to the possible misdeeds of his son. The Democratic administration’s tainted record is certainly a plus for the Republicans and will certainly help them secure a victory in the upcoming election.

Written by Staff Reports

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