Florida Fights Lib Indoctrination in AP Psych: Protecting Our Kids’ Minds!

In a brave move that champions conservative values and protects innocent young minds, the Florida Department of Education has taken action against the College Board’s AP Psychology course. Don’t be fooled by the liberal media’s attempt to paint this as a “ban.” It’s simply a necessary step to preserve the moral fabric of our great state.

According to a statement from the Florida Department of Education, the College Board is trying to force school districts to teach questionable content on sexual orientation and gender identity. But Florida won’t stand for this attempt to brainwash our children with liberal propaganda. The Department clarified that they didn’t actually ban the course. It’s still listed in Florida’s Course Code Directory. They simply want the College Board to play fair and let teachers operate accordingly.

It’s refreshing to see Florida taking a stand where other advanced course providers, like the International Baccalaureate program, didn’t have the same issues. Florida is leading the charge in upholding conservative values and protecting our children from leftist indoctrination.

But wait, it gets even better. Randi Weingarten, president of the American Federation of Teachers (AFT), couldn’t resist throwing some outrageous claims into the mix. She accused Governor Ron DeSantis of eroding rights, censoring opposing views, and undermining education. It’s laughable! Florida ranks number one in education, and Weingarten should give credit where credit is due instead of spewing baseless accusations.

Let’s not forget the comments from concerned citizens who questioned the need to teach about sexual orientation and gender identity in the first place. Why should our children be exposed to such controversial topics? It’s not like they were previously taught in this way. We need to focus on core subjects and let parents handle discussions about such sensitive matters at home.

The College Board’s statement claims that removing the discussion of gender and sexual orientation would make the course incomplete and unscientific. But isn’t it more unscientific to force students into a leftist ideological framework? It’s time to prioritize facts and critical thinking over political agendas.

The Florida Department of Education’s decision to take a stand is a victory for conservative values and a blow to liberal indoctrination. Our children deserve an education free from biased narratives and social experimentation. Florida is leading the way in protecting our young minds and ensuring they receive a quality education rooted in conservative principles. Kudos to Florida for standing up against the liberal agenda!

Written by Staff Reports

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