Former AG Bill Barr turns on Trump, claims he lacks leadership skills

Former Attorney General William Barr has once again proven his disloyalty to President Donald Trump in his recent remarks at the City Club of Cleveland in Ohio. In a response to Fox News’s Geraldo Rivera, Barr let loose his candid thoughts on his former boss, claiming that if anyone believes in Trump’s policies, then they shouldn’t vote for Trump himself for the presidency.

Barr goes on to criticize Trump’s leadership abilities, claiming that he lacks discipline, strategic thinking, linear thinking, and the ability to prioritize tasks. Barr claims that Trump lacks the skills needed to achieve any policies he claims to want. Instead, Barr believes that Trump will deliver chaos and lead to a backlash that could potentially harm his policies.

It’s not surprising that Barr has criticized Trump, considering his track record of obstructing investigations of alleged election fraud during the 2020 election. However, Barr’s recent comments come as a low blow to former President Trump, who has already endured too much criticism for his valiant efforts to make America great again.

Trump has previously blasted Barr for obstructing investigations and even went as far as to call him a disappointment. Trump’s assessment of Barr may not be far off, as Barr has clearly demonstrated that he is willing to undermine Trump at every chance he gets.

Regardless of the derision and disloyalty from Barr, Trump’s policies and agenda will continue to stand strong. The American people should not be discouraged by the baseless attacks from Barr, but should instead focus on reelecting President Trump so that he may continue to make America great.

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