Fox News Betrays Trump’s Son: Is Trump’s Fury Next?

The first debate of the 2024 GOP primary just wrapped up, and boy was it a show! Chris Christie and Vivek Ramaswamy went head to head, while Mike Pence didn’t hold back in his criticisms of Vivek. But let’s be real here, folks. None of these candidates are a match for Trump. He’s the frontrunner by a mile, so much so that he didn’t even bother to show up to this debate. Talk about confidence!

Ron DeSantis had a decent performance, but he didn’t do anything to really stand out from the crowd. With Trump in the picture, it’s hard for anyone else to get noticed. DeSantis’ camp is learning this the hard way, as they struggle to make a dent in Trump’s lead in the polls. Trump’s social media platform, Truth Social, is likely to see a spike in activity after Fox News reportedly barred his son from the post-debate spin room. Trump Jr. was not happy about it, speaking with the media and comparing it to the biased treatment Democrats often receive.

I get why Trump didn’t show up to the debate. He’s got a solid lead and why take any unnecessary risks? But let me tell you, if he had been there, he would have crushed it. He’s not your typical candidate, and he could have easily clinched the nomination tonight. It would have been a total bloodbath on that stage. Trump knows it, and so do his supporters. The race is his to lose, and everyone else is just playing catch-up.

Written by Staff Reports

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