George W. Bush Viral Over Slip Of Tongue That Reignited Claims For Him!

George W. Bush, former president of the United States, made an embarrassing blunder Wednesday when he described the Iraq invasion, which had taken place under his presidency, as “absolutely unjustified” and “ruthless.” This was an unpleasant Freudian slip on Bush’s part.

The gaffe took place while Bush was delivering a lecture about the necessity of democracy during a speech regarding Russia and Ukraine.

The former president continued speaking under his breath and added, “Iraq, too — anyway” immediately after.

After attributing his Freudian error on his advanced age, the crowd responded with laughter to Bush’s explanation. The current age of Bush is 75 years old.

Since it’s publishing, the video of George W. Bush’s comments has been viewed sixteen million times, which has led to the posting of tens of thousands of comments around the internet.

The Freudian confession was generally welcomed with laughter from the crowd; nevertheless, there may have been some individuals in the audience who didn’t find it amusing.

The comment gave new life to the criticisms that have been made against George W. Bush, including the assertions that he is a “garbage person,” the “worst president of the previous 100 years,” and a “war criminal.”

That is, the Iraq invasion in 2003, which was rationalized by the frequent claims made by the Bush administration that Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein acquired weapons of mass destruction, is generally regarded as one of the worst military failings made by the United States.

It is now common knowledge that Iraq has never held any types of weapons that may cause widespread destruction.

The prolonged and deadly struggle was responsible for the killing of tens of thousands of coalition troops, including approximately 4,500 American soldiers, as well as an undetermined number of civilians, the numbers of whom are believed to be in the hundreds of thousands.

To complicate things further, the invasion and subsequent overthrow of Hussein’s regime generated a political vacuum and power tussle that ultimately allowed terrorist groups like the Islamic State to gain more power in the 2010s. This made the situation much more dire.

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