Geraldo Rivera Takes Down NAACP’s Fear-Mongering Travel Advisory on Florida

Geraldo Rivera, Fox News host and conservative pundit, slammed the NAACP over its recent Florida travel advisory as a “fear-mongering publicity stunt.” In a recent Fox News interview, Rivera expressed his strong disagreement with the NAACP’s actions, stating that the travel advisory was a warning to tourists to stay away from Florida due to Governor Ron DeSantis’ alleged opposition to Critical Race Theory and “queer theory.”

Rivera proceeded to point out that this warning could not be further from the truth, as this is not about instilling fear in Florida’s Black populace but rather stirring fear in outsiders. He dismissed the NAACP’s claim that tourists should avoid the Sunshine State and said that “it is ridiculous.” As Florida’s Black population makes up 16% of the state, the NAACP is essentially telling millions of Black people to stay away from their own home.

In comparison, Rivera noted that the League of United Latin American Citizens recently issued a travel advisory because Florida determined it would not accept licenses from 19 states that provide migrants with licenses, even if they are undocumented or illegal. That sort of travel advisory, he said, makes more sense. If you tell people without licenses that they will be caught by the police, that is one of the things to consider when traveling.

Rivera harshly criticized the NAACP’s actions, describing them as a political campaign rather than an effort to support civil rights. He stated that he respects the NAACP as a venerable and respected civil rights organization, but this is not what this issue is about. Florida is a wonderful place, and there is no reason to avoid it because of the NAACP’s misguided stunt, according to Rivera.

Rivera implied that the NAACP’s recent actions are only meant to garner attention, displaying their shallow principles and corrupt vision. Although the NAACP may have been at the forefront of crucial civil rights campaigns in the past, their current actions are nothing more than a hollow publicity campaign meant to stoke fear and divisiveness among Americans.

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