Godless Republicans? Squad Member Ayanna Pressley Spews Outrageous Accusations

Democratic Representative Ayanna Pressley of Massachusetts is at it again with another outrageous claim that displays the true radical leftist agenda. On Thursday, Pressley took to the House floor to bash Republicans for demanding they make spending cuts. In her speech, the Congresswoman shamelessly declared that Republicans are “godless.” It seems her party has not learned the connection between politics and religion is not the best move.

Pressley is part of “The Squad,” a group of radical ‘lefties’ in the House, which includes Representatives like Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, Rashida Tlaib, and Ilhan Omar. During the speech, she accused Republicans of “governing in a way that is clueless, callous, and with great contempt,” and she even went further to say their efforts were “godless.” It seems this latest jab comes from the fact Republicans are demanding a “clean” increase in the debt ceiling with no legislative add-ins.

President Joe Biden and Republican House Speaker Kevin McCarthy have had a series of talks over lifting the debt ceiling, but they have yet to reach a compromise. Republicans are expressing the need for spending cuts alongside any increase in the limit to the national debt, which is currently at a staggering $31.4 trillion. It is no surprise that Democrats, including the Squad, are calling for a “clean” debt-ceiling increase without spending cuts.

Some Democrats have gone as far as urging President Biden to invoke the 14th Amendment to lift the debt ceiling, proving how out of touch they really are. Meanwhile, Republican lawmakers are constantly trying to create common-sense solutions to help the American public.

Pressley’s speech came after the passage of the Limit, Save, Grow Act, which received a 217-215 vote in favor of increasing the debt ceiling by $1.5 trillion. The act also repeals certain parts of the Inflation Reduction Act, introduces new requirements for Congress to approve regulations that would have an economic effect of $100 million, and establishes fresh work requirements for welfare programs. Yet, despite all these efforts, Pressley still called on Republicans to pass a “clean” debt ceiling increase and stop “playing with people’s lives.”

It seems the Squad is more interested in pushing their radical agenda than providing real solutions for the American people. They continue to demand more debt for their reckless spending while labeling Republicans “godless” for pushing back against their plans. It is time to show them that their actions do not reflect the principles of a faithful nation.

Written by Staff Reports

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