Goldman Shreds GOP-Led ‘Hit Piece’ on Biden’s Memory

In a recent interview with ABC News, Representative Dan Goldman (D-NY) addressed the findings of Special Counsel Robert Hur's report concerning President Joe Biden's recollection of his son Beau's death. Goldman characterized the report as "biased, partisan editorializing by a prosecutor appointed by Republicans," dismissing its relevance to the decision not to press charges. He accused Hur of overlooking exonerating evidence and criticized the report's extensive length of 379 pages, arguing that it could have been condensed into a mere 10 pages.

Goldman emphasized that Biden's memory lapse regarding his son's passing should not be subject to scrutiny, particularly given the President's mental distractions amid wartime pressures and other concerns. He contended that there is no evidence indicating Biden's intentional possession of classified materials without authorization. Goldman applauded Biden for disputing the report's assertions regarding his memory and denounced the inclusion of personal and extraneous details as unwarranted.

In essence, Goldman's comments reflected a staunch defense of President Biden, characterizing the report's conclusions as politically motivated attacks on the President's integrity. The interview underscored the partisan divide in reactions to the Special Counsel's report, with Democrats like Goldman rallying behind Biden in response to Republican critiques.





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