GOP Secures House Seat as Rulli Wins Special Election

Republican state Sen. Michael Rulli secured victory in a special election to complete former Republican Rep. Bill Johnson’s term, bolstering Speaker Mike Johnson’s narrow majority in the House. The Associated Press confirmed Rulli’s win with 52.3% of the vote, marking a significant triumph for the Republican Party.

This win comes as a critical boost for the GOP, as Rulli’s victory will fill the vacant seat left by Johnson, who decided not to seek reelection and stepped down to assume the presidency of Youngstown State University. Johnson’s departure prompted a special election with Rulli, Democrat Michael Kripchak, and independent candidate Christopher Lafont vying for the open seat.

With Rulli now poised to replace Johnson, the Republican Party looks forward to maintaining its stronghold in the House. Rulli and Kripchak will continue their campaign for the seat’s full term, ensuring the GOP’s continued strength in the upcoming general election.

Rulli’s imminent swearing-in to the House following the special election brings relief to Speaker Mike Johnson, as the GOP’s majority in the House gains further reinforcement with this pivotal win.

Written by Staff Reports

Republican Sen Rulli Wins Ohio Special Election Boosting GOP in House

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