GOP to Expose Truth Behind Radical Environmental Groups Funding

On Tuesday, House Majority Leader Steve Scalise exclaimed that House GOP lawmakers were all set to dive into an inquiry uncovering the funding sources of radical environmental groups. Allegedly these groups used environmental standards to restrain U.S. energy production. Scalise asserted at a panel conducted by the America First Policy Institute that one ought to trail the money to comprehend the countries that gain from shutting down American production. Those around the world who abuse the Endangered Species Act and resort to Environmental Protection Agency and Army-Corps of Engineers are definitive “bad actors,” said Scalise.

In the investigation sparked by Fox News, several high-level Chinese National Resource Defense Center (NRDC) staff members had either worked for or left to work for the Chinese government. This finding led to the discovery of the NRDC’s close links to the Biden administration, which had itself given roughly $750,000 to the Rocky Mountain Institute. RMI had links to China and aimed to “create a roadmap” for electric car electrification in California; RMI was also involved in co-authoring a December 2022 study that brought about Biden’s planned ban of gas stoves.

Scalise’s statements were made in the aftermath of a lawsuit by a coalition of environmental groups that aimed to prevent carbon dioxide from affecting endangered species worldwide by blocking a Wyoming oil drilling project. The Republican House Speaker Kevin McCarthy had earlier expressed his support for the scrutiny into the relations between environmental groups and foreign entities like China. Devin Nunes Reports that he believes that nearly every funded group on the left is being bankrolled by the Chinese Communist Party.

The proposed mine in Minnesota, which has the largest deposit of cobalt, platinum, nickel, palladium, and copper, remains essential as the Left desires to create a non-carbon economy with all its money in the Inflation Reduction Act. However, the Biden Administration withdrew the lease on the mine. Bruce Westerman, a Republican Representative from Arkansas, asked questions about the political games played by successive Democratic and Republican administrations to deny permits for infrastructure projects, including green energy projects. The Lower Energy Costs Act or H.R. 1, the GOP’s major energy package, wanted a streamlined permitting process for energy infrastructure, including green energy projects.

The conservative party is wary of the strong global forces that have played economically and environmentally against the US, as seen through their links with environmental groups that oppose US energy production. All signs point towards China and other related countries, which directly benefit from limiting US production of different energy sources. The Republican party aims to bring light to these actions by launching its investigation into funding sources for radical environmental groups that obstruct US energy production.

Written by Staff Reports

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