GOP United: Party Insiders Crush Anti-Trump Uprisings!

The upcoming Republican National Convention is poised to be a smooth ride for former President Donald Trump, with the GOP leadership determined to thwart any potential disruptions to his inevitable nomination. Recall the 2016 attempts by a group of delegates to block Trump's nomination – a futile game of whack-a-mole where Trump emerged victorious each time. This year, the party is sending a clear message: no interference allowed.

David Bossie, a staunch Trump ally from Maryland, confidently stated, “It didn’t happen then, and it’s not going to happen now. There is no one who is going to attempt to do that.” With Trump already securing primary wins and commanding a significant lead, the chances of resistance to his nomination appear minimal. Rule adjustments, like California's delegate allocation favoring candidates with over 50% of the primary vote, further solidify Trump's standing.

Former U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley may not find the convention floor to be the stage for a spectacular showdown. Morton Blackwell, an experienced member of the RNC’s convention rules committee, dismissed the notion, stating, “The rules could be changed, but it probably wouldn’t be fair — and I don’t think it would pass — absent a cement truck coming around the corner and killing the nominee.”

Recall the unsuccessful “Free the Delegates” movement in 2016, where some sought to break free from commitments to support a specific candidate. The ship has sailed, and its captain, Kendal Unruh, has departed from the party, acknowledging, “The people who I was fighting alongside with in 2016 — those people are now fully onboard with Trump. He has a lock on [the nomination].”

While there are rules allowing delegates to switch sides, the GOP leadership is firmly behind Trump. Despite earlier objections by figures like Ken Cuccinelli, former head of the Never Back Down super PAC, the party remains united in supporting Trump. Cuccinelli's concerns about "smoke-filled back rooms" were disregarded, and he conceded, “It is virtually impossible to unseat Trump as the nominee.” The GOP's message is clear – Trump is the undisputed choice, and any attempts to derail his nomination are as likely as finding unicorns at the convention. It's Trump all the way!

Written by Staff Reports

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