Gov. Newsom Visits The Border, Immediately Blames Conservatives For Crisis

Since Joe Biden became president, millions of migrants have been pouring into the US. Many of them are travelling from various countries to take advantage of the Democrats' lax policies. This week, around 1,000 individuals crossed the Rio Grande in El Paso.

During his campaign, Biden called on migrants to "surge" to the border. After becoming president, he stopped the construction of President Donald Trump's border wall. He also scrapped various of the president's immigration enforcement policies. One of these was the so-called "remain in Mexico" policy, which prevented asylum-seekers from leaving the country until their cases were resolved.

The last remaining enforcement policy that Biden has is Title 42, which allows the US to keep migrants away from the country due to the outbreak of the pandemic. Despite his desire to end the policy, the Biden administration is still concerned about the surge that will result from it.

During a visit to a facility in Imperial County, California, where migrants are being housed, Governor Gavin Newsom criticized the federal government for failing to provide adequate resources to address the issue. He noted that the state cannot continue to fund its own programs related to the border crisis.

He blamed conservative and Republican pundits for what he referred to as the "politicized" situation regarding migration, reported in Los Angeles Times:

"He also criticized the conservative and Republican news outlets for focusing on the border security issue instead of the comprehensive immigration reform that's needed to address the country's problems.

In response to Biden's immigration reform package, which was released early in his presidency, Newsom praised the former president for addressing the issue. However, he criticized Congress for not providing more resources to support the migrants."

Democrats have been holding back the border security issue as they demand the implementation of comprehensive immigration reform, which includes citizenship for the millions of migrants who have already crossed the border.

The Republican Party believes that Democrats are intentionally inviting migrants into the US in order to change the country's electoral map.

The visit by Newsom to the border was different from the one by President Joe Biden, who did not visit the border despite being in Arizona, a state bordering Mexico. Biden has not visited the border in more than 50 years.

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