Gov. Sanders Keeps Her Tough On Crime Commitment With New Bill

Governor Sarah Sanders of Arkansas has taken a strong stance on criminals in prison for heinous crimes such as rape, human trafficking, and even first-degree murder. In a historic moment for Arkansas, Gov. Sanders signed the Protect Arkansas Act, which will ensure that these criminals will not be released early, sending a clear message that the failed public safety status quo ends today in the state.

Under this new act, anyone who commits any of the 24 listed felonies, such as aggravated robbery and child pornography possession will also be ineligible for parole. The law will also require those incarcerated for various other felony crimes like manslaughter and fentanyl delivery committed in 2025 or later to serve at least 85% of their court-assigned sentences.

With a strong focus on ensuring the citizens of Arkansas are safe, Gov. Sanders also signed the Fentanyl Enforcement and Accountability Act, which will charge drug dealers with murder if they deliver certain drugs that cause an overdose. Sanders said of the new law, “For the most heinous drug dealers, those who traffic fentanyl to children, we will charge them with life in prison.” This approach sends a clear message to drug dealers who have been exploiting children and preying on vulnerable communities, that Arkansas will not tolerate their harmful and deadly substances.

In 2022 alone, Arkansas has seen an increase in homicide offenses by more than 24%, while rape and robbery have increased by 8% and 5% respectively, according to the Little Rock Police Department.

Sanders, who pledged during her governor candidacy to close loopholes in the parole system and “never defund the police,” has demonstrated that the criminals in Arkansas will be held accountable for their actions, and the state’s criminal justice system will not be taken lightly. With these new measures in place, criminals in the state have a clear message that their actions will not go unpunished, and the citizens of Arkansas are safer today than they were yesterday.

Written by Staff Reports

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