Governor Ron DeSantis faces liberal mob rage over controversial bill

The liberal mob strikes again, this time in Florida as they stormed the office of conservative Governor Ron DeSantis in a fit of rage over his latest legislative success. The “Don’t Say Gay” bill, which protects the rights of parents in education and prohibits teachers and students from being forced to use “preferred pronouns,” along with other common-sense measures addressing abortion and illegal immigration, was just signed by DeSantis.

Protesters from a far-left human rights group called the Dream Defenders were arrested for a misdemeanor after blocking the governor’s office for over nine hours and refusing to leave. They demanded to meet with DeSantis, even though he was not present, and ignored warnings by law enforcement officials that they could face arrest.

It’s clear that Democrats and their left-wing allies are determined to stop conservative governors like DeSantis from protecting children and standing up to radical leftist ideology. They want to force their woke agenda on everyone, even our youngest and most vulnerable citizens. But DeSantis and other conservative leaders are unafraid to stand up to these mobs and fight for the values of traditional families and common-sense education.

Florida’s new laws protecting students and teachers from forced gender indoctrination and banning inappropriate books are a crucial step in the right direction. DeSantis has demonstrated time and again his commitment to standing up for what is right and pushing back against the radical leftist agenda. We need more leaders like him in office to protect our nation’s children from being brainwashed by cancel culture and the woke mob.

Source: Townhall

Written by Staff Reports

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