Governor Signs Bill Empowering Parents to Control Children’s Education, Democrats Outraged

Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds has secured a massive education overhaul that puts parents where they should be: in control. She signed into law a legislature restricting lessons on gender identity and sexual orientation in K-6 public and charter schools. This prevents hyper-sexualization and indoctrination of innocent children in the formative years of their lives.

Under the new bill, educators are required to notify parents if their child has changed their gender at school. Furthermore, curriculum and library materials must be posted online by public and charter schools for parents to review. This way, Iowan parents will be able to prevent their children from being exposed to harmful and inappropriate content at school.

This step is one in many recent moves nationally to empower parents in their children’s education. For example, the US House of Representatives approved the Parents Bill of Rights that mandates school districts to post their curriculum online annually for the parents to review. In Florida, the Department of Education approved an extension of the Parental Rights in Education law, preventing certain lessons on gender identity and sexual orientation in grades 4-12.

Governor Reynolds stated that “everyone involved – parents, educators, our children – deserves an environment where they can thrive.” This is what everyone should be striving for- an education system where children have a safe and secure place to learn without any outside agendas bombarding them.

The new policy mandates that schools adopt a policy and process for parents to challenge material that they believe is inappropriate for the age of their child. This allows parents to maintain due diligence and iron out any issues they may have with the curriculum so that their children receive an education customized to their needs.

The Democrats, predictably, spoke out against the bill, with Democratic state Senator Sarah Trone Garriott claiming, “It is wrong to remove other books just because someone’s determined them not age-appropriate, or that there’s some sexuality noted in it.” It seems the Democrats want to continue allowing innocent children to be indoctrinated by leftist ideals while ignoring the opinions of the actual authority figures in a child’s life- their parents. It is our responsibility as conservatives to fight for the right of parents and to protect our children from ideological interference.

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