Greene Exposes Double Standards, Backs Trump, Blasts Biden on Fiery Fox News Interview

Marjorie Taylor Greene, a Georgia congresswoman, gave a fiery interview on Fox News, which is the only network that still tells it like it is. During the interview, she dropped a lot of truth bombs. She was not afraid to show her unwavering support for Donald J. Trump, whom she called "the greatest president in history," while harshly criticising the Biden government. The clever Larry Kudlow was in charge of the interview, and it covered a wide range of topics, such as the outrageous accusations against Trump and the scandalous claims against the Biden family.

Greene didn't waste any time pointing out that the so-called justice system in the U.S. has two very different sets of rules. She said that people like Hillary Clinton and Stacey Abrams, who dared to question the results of the 2016 and 2000 elections, had nothing to lose. But when Trump questioned his own election, they had the nerve to put him in jail! People, we have a two-tiered legal system, and it's a big scam. The American people know what's going on.

Then, Kudlow and Greene talked about how Trump is still doing well in the polls despite all of the dirty tricks that the Biden administration has used. They even thought that the Biden administration's desperate move to draw attention away from its failures by going after Trump might not be working. It's not a surprise, of course. The American people know that President Trump is not guilty. Greene promised that she would vote for him even if he were in jail, because he is the only one who can save this country from the communist government that has taken over.

The talk turned to the shocking news about the Bidens, which came from Devon Archer, a friend of Hunter Biden. Greene was right when he said that this was bad news for Joe Biden's defence. People, the evidence is getting stronger. We have a 1023 form that gives Joe Biden a huge $5 billion payment, and what does he do? He gets the job done. He fires Victor Shoken just to get rid of the problems with Burisma. This Biden government is nothing but a communist government. We need to wake up, face the truth, and take strong action against this dangerous government.

And don't forget the latest news about Trump's court case. Even though the claims against him were not true, Trump pleaded not guilty to the events of January 6. It's just another way to try to shut down what the American people have to say. The meeting is scheduled for August 28, 2023, but everyone knows that this is just a political witch hunt. Still, Trump stays strong and determined in the face of this unfair treatment.

In a speech he made after his plea, Trump couldn't help but say how sad he was about how Washington, D.C. is right now. He said that it was dirty, in bad shape, with broken houses and graffiti. This is not the United States he left. He is right. The fact that he is being persecuted shows how bad things are in our great country. But don't worry, Americans, Trump isn't going to back down. He is ahead in both the Republican primary and in the polls against Biden. They can't beat him, so they try to get him in trouble with the law. But they can't get away with it. We have to fight for the truth and make sure justice is done.

Written by Staff Reports

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