Greg Abbott Gets Spicy With Biden White House Over Migrant Buses

Abbott criticized the White House for criticizing his decision to send migrants to Washington DC.

On Christmas Eve, around 140 migrants showed up at the house of US Vice President Kamala Harris. They were sent there by Texas Governor Greg Abbott.

Abbott, a Republican, has been sending migrants to other areas to provide temporary relief to the communities affected by the immigration crisis at the border. According to him, the policies of the Biden administration are reckless.

The White House called Abbott's actions a shameful and cruel stunt.

A spokesperson for Abbott criticized the White House, saying that the administration is full of hypocrites. They include the president and the border security chief. Instead of complaining about the state of Texas' response to the border crisis, the White House should focus on securing the border.

"According to the spokesperson, the migrants had willingly chosen to go and were accompanied by a voluntary consent waiver."

The number of migrants crossing the southern border has increased significantly. Due to the high number of people entering the area, several towns, including El Paso, declared a state of emergency.

The preceding is a summary of an article that originally appeared on Oann.

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