Greg Gutfeld Calls Out Media Matters For Absurd Smear On Tucker Carlson

Greg Gutfeld, the presenter of Fox News, attacked a Media Matters agent for publishing a video showing Tucker Carlson joking about with a makeup artist. Carlson asked the lady jokingly whether there had ever been any "pillow fights" in the bathroom while she was getting her cosmetics done. The lady said that while pillow fighting did sometimes occur, it was "not in the bathroom." The latter, Carlson said, was "more of a dorm activity."

Gutfeld slammed the operator in response, urging readers to picture having to snitch on harmless remarks to their parents in order to survive. As Gutfeld notes, the parents could feel so humiliated and guilty that they wish their kid had truly perished in a fire.

On Twitter, individuals poked fun of the Media Matters agent Matthew Gertz's methods for doing opposition research. On April 24, Fox News fired Carlson, and the network also issued a cease-and-desist letter to Media Matters for continuing to disclose behind-the-scenes material. Gertz had even earlier applauded Carlson's dismissal, demonstrating that Media Matters had a blatantly left-leaning purpose despite being set up as a charity with an objective to be impartial.

As one of a "three-pronged empire" that includes the super PACs American Bridge 21st Century and Correct the Record, Media Matters was established by Democratic operative David Brock in 2008. The group's support of Hillary Clinton during the 2016 presidential race, however, has been condemned by insiders as bordering on the "absurd." Brock himself started out as a conservative writer before deciding to support leftist causes wholeheartedly.

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