Gulf Cartel “Apologizes” for Kidnapping Americans, Biden Remains Weak

The tragic kidnapping of four American citizens by a cartel in Mexico has taken a strange turn as the cartel now offers an “apology” for their heinous crimes. The Gulf cartel claims to be sorry for the kidnapping and double murder of two Americans, as well as a Mexican woman who died in the cartel’s shootout.

But let’s not be fooled by this so-called apology. The Gulf cartel is just trying to avoid facing the consequences of their actions, which included violating one of their own rules to “respect the life and well-being of the innocent.” They are likely turning over a few of their members to authorities to punish them for drawing attention to their illicit activities rather than providing any real justice.

It’s clear that the Gulf cartel is only interested in resuming their leadership-sanctioned violence and benefiting from the Biden administration’s border crisis. They think they can just play this off as an “oops” moment to maintain their bloody bottom line. There’s no doubt that the increased scrutiny and threats of cracking down on cartels are bad for their business.

But where is the Biden administration’s motivation to secure the U.S.-Mexico border, crack down on drug and human smuggling, or hold Mexico accountable for their halfhearted efforts to quash criminal enterprises running swaths of its territory? Republican lawmakers continue to call for a crackdown, but the president turns a blind eye to the ongoing border crisis he created.

It’s time for the United States to take more direct action against groups such as the Gulf cartel. Until then, these empty apologies from drug cartels will continue to be nothing more than public relations work to try to smooth over situations that could affect their business. The American people deserve real justice and protection from these violent criminal enterprises.

Written by Staff Reports

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