SHOCKING: Taxpayers PAID Twitter To Censor Conservatives!

During the House Select Subcommittee on the Weaponization of the Federal Government's meeting on Thursday, journalist Michael Shellenberger made a statement regarding the emergence of a "censorship-industrial complex," which is being financed with American taxpayers' money. The disclosure of this concerning development was made possible through documents obtained by Elon Musk when he acquired Twitter in October 2022.

Shellenberger disclosed that the FBI paid Twitter $3.5 million from October 2019 to February 2021. Additionally, he exposed that Facebook and Twitter censored factual details about COVID-19 vaccinations because they feared it would increase vaccine hesitancy.

This is another instance of the liberal establishment's endeavor to dominate the discourse and stifle conservative viewpoints. It is evident that the left is prepared to utilize any method feasible to promote their agenda, even if it involves muting dissenting opinions.

The ascent of the "censorship-industrial complex" is a direct assault on the First Amendment and our entitlement to freedom of expression. It is an overt effort to stifle individuals with contrasting viewpoints and convictions from the liberal elites. This perilous pattern must be halted before it advances any further.

It is vital to bear in mind that this censorship is being sponsored by American taxpayers. We must not be compelled to fund something that contradicts our principles and convictions. This is another illustration of how our tax dollars are being squandered by the liberal establishment.

The rise of this “censorship-industrial complex” is a direct attack on our right to free speech and an affront to our conservative values. This is a dangerous trend that must be stopped before it goes any further. We must fight back against the liberal elites and their attempts to silence us and take away our right to free speech.

Written by Staff Reports

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