Hillary ROASTED on Social Media for Claiming GOP Plans to Steal 2024 Election

Former First Lady Hillary Clinton is getting MOCKED on social media for false claims that right-wing extremist groups are planning on stealing the presidential election in 2024.

Clinton was immediately criticized for her comments, which many people found to be hypocritical since the mainstream media and Democrats have been very vocal about not wanting to see the results of elections affected. Some even asked her to go away.

Beverly Hallberg, a contributor for The Hill, questioned if Clinton’s statement is a threat to democracy. She also noted that her lack of self awareness is surprising.

Andrew Gruel, a chef, called Clinton’s statement “just tedious.”

Meghan McCain, a former co-host of “The View,” said it is very dangerous for democracy. She also suggested that people should report any credible evidence of a grand conspiracy to the FBI.

John Hawkins, a writer, asked why the Democrats haven’t called out people who claim that the election was fraudulent. He was referring to the disdain the left has for Donald Trump after he claimed that the election was fraudulent in 2020.

Chris Barron on Twitter sarcastically questioned if social media tech giants will deplatform Clinton?

Others say it is proof that Hillary and the left are panicked about the midterm elections and are trying to change the narrative already.

Written by Staff Reports

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