House Republican Outshines Biden, Nails Job President Bungled Twice

A brave Republican congressman, Rep. Cory Mills (R-FL), once again took matters into his own hands and did “Biden’s job” in Israel. Just like he did last year when he led a team to evacuate Americans from Afghanistan, Mills didn’t waste any time waiting for the Biden administration to step up.

When panicked Americans stranded in Israel reached out for help, Mills knew he couldn’t sit idly by. Despite the late hour, Mills and his team sprang into action, rescuing 32 Americans who were stranded and desperate for assistance. These individuals had tried reaching out to the State Department for help, but were met with silence and frustration. Flights were canceled, hotel rooms were unavailable, and they were left to fend for themselves.

Mills, a combat veteran who understands the importance of taking action, criticized the Biden administration for their weak response to the crisis. He pointed out how this weakness invites aggression from nations like Iran, China, Russia, and North Korea. Instead of prioritizing the safety and freedoms of Americans, the administration seems more focused on “wokeness.” This is a dangerous path to follow, and Mills, as an elected official, refuses to stand for it.

It’s inspiring to see Rep. Cory Mills stepping up yet again to protect and assist Americans in need. He has already rescued 32 Americans and has plans to evacuate even more. This is true leadership in action, and it shows that one person can make a difference, even when the Biden administration falls short.

Written by Staff Reports

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