House Republicans Fight Biden’s 8-Ball Trick to Postpone COVID Monarchy

In an effort to keep the COVID control program going for as long possible, US President Joe Biden delayed calling the pandemic over until May.

In addition, Biden reportedly peered into the monarch's Magic 8-Ball and declared the end of the COVID pandemic on May 11. According to the OMB's statement of policy, this provided the government time to prepare the nation's healthcare system for the future.

In addition, Biden's statement could affect the Trump administration's efforts to end the Title 42 immigration policy. This policy, which allows authorities to deport illegal immigrants who pose a health risk, was put on hold while the Supreme Court heard arguments regarding its termination.

The extension of the state of emergency by the regime is considered arbitrary. As a result, House Republicans are planning on introducing resolutions aimed at ending the restrictions and mandates imposed by the COVID regime.

Rep. Brett Guthrie of Kentucky noted that the state of emergency for the COVID-19 pandemic has been extended 12 times since it was first declared. He said it's time for the country to move past the emergency.

Despite Biden's statement, Guthrie noted that it won't stop him from introducing a resolution aimed at ending the state of emergency for the COVID-19 pandemic.

For three years now, Americans have been living under a state of emergency due to the outbreak of COVID-19. It's time for President Biden to end his emergency powers and allow the country to move past this crisis.

In response, Rep. Paul Gosar of Arizona introduced a resolution that would end the national emergency related to the COVID-19 pandemic.

According to Gosar, despite the fact that the pandemic in the US has already ended, Biden still wants to extend the state of emergency to keep people in the country under extreme measures.

Gosar noted that the number of cases has already dropped and the country is no longer in a state of emergency. He said the extension of the emergency was unnecessary.

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