House Staffers to Protest Arms Shipments to Israel at Capitol Hill

Staffers at the House of Representatives are planning to gather at Capitol Hill this Thursday afternoon to protest the chamber’s decision to override President Joe Biden’s pause on the shipment of arms to Israel. The staffers have been advised to wear masks and to conceal their identities by removing any identifiable clothing and hiding their staff IDs.

The protest is being organized by a group called “Congressional staff for a Ceasefire Now,” which claims to have over 150 members who are staffers. The group aims to display their dissatisfaction with their bosses’ actions, stating that the American people are calling for the United States to take steps to stop Israel’s assault on Gaza and lead with moral clarity. They also express concerns about the potential use of U.S. weapons in war crimes.

The organizers of the protest say that they understand the risks of speaking out and encourage staff to hide their identities as best as they can. To ensure safety at the protest, the group has provided “protest safety tips” which include advice on hiding tattoos, wearing different clothing and shoes, and turning off identifying phone settings.

The group has urged President Biden and Congress to heed the calls from their constituents to immediately end U.S. support for Israel’s assault on the civilians of Gaza, emphasizing the urgency of the situation.

This protest underscores the ongoing tensions surrounding U.S. support for Israel and the Palestinian territories. The rally is set to take place at 4:10 p.m. at the “base of the House steps.”

Written by Staff Reports

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