Hunter Biden Sparks Intrigue with Burisma Site Removals!

Hunter Biden and his business associates were not happy with a certain picture on Burisma’s website back in 2014. The picture featured his father, Joe Biden, who was the vice president of the United States at the time. So, Joe Biden’s counsel, Demetra Lambros, reached out to Eric Schwerin to get the image removed. Why did they want it taken down? Well, it seems they didn’t want people to think that Joe Biden was endorsing the company. But wait a minute, didn’t Joe Biden claim he never discussed his son’s business dealings? Looks like that might have been a little fib. And we all know how that turned out with Obamacare’s broken promises. The Daily Caller has the full story.

According to emails from Hunter Biden’s laptop archive, he and his business associates actually told Burisma to remove the image of Joe Biden and Devon Archer from their website. In a May 2014 email, Eric Schwerin mentioned that Demetra Lambros, Joe Biden’s counsel, had asked them to take down the picture because they were uncomfortable with the VP’s picture being on the site. And guess what, the picture was taken down. You know, it’s really interesting how the Biden family seems to have a lot of power to make things happen.

But that’s not all. This whole situation just adds to the drama surrounding the Biden bribery scandal. In late July, Archer testified that Joe Biden would often get involved in his son’s business negotiations through phone calls. And get this, they would talk about random things like the weather. Yeah, right. We all know there was more going on than just small talk. And now with this rush to remove Joe Biden’s picture from Burisma’s website, it raises even more questions about what really happened behind the scenes. It seems like the elder Biden might have had a bigger role in all of this than he wants us to believe. And let’s not forget how much money the Biden family made from these shady schemes. It’s just one scandal after another with this family.

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