Hunter Biden’s Ex-Associate Unveils New Twist in Biden Bribery Scandal

As expected, the mainstream media is trying to stay away from the growing bribery story involving Joe Biden and his son Hunter. But there is more and more proof, and the witnesses are trustworthy. Two IRS whistleblowers, Joseph Zeigler and Gary Shapley, have been brave enough to come forwards and talk about how much pressure they had to deal with while looking into Hunter Biden. Democrats are in a bind because they can't contradict, reject, or discredit what these two people have said. Now, their testimony could get Attorney General Merrick Garland in trouble, since he said that the Department of Justice wasn't getting involved in these apparently independent criminal investigations.

A shocking $10 million bribe was allegedly given to Joe and Hunter Biden, according to the FD-1023 report from an FBI informant who has been giving information about the Bidens' ties to Ukrainian energy business Burisma since 2018. This report comes with a list of payments and a recording of phone calls. It shows that Hunter and his partner Devon Archer were given easy jobs at Burisma in exchange for legal safety and access to US officials. On top of that, while he was Vice President, Joe Biden got rid of the investigator who was looking into Burisma. Pieces of the puzzle are starting to fit together, and Archer's evidence behind closed doors destroys the Bidens' "I don't know" defence even more. Even though the Biden campaign said over and over that Joe Biden never went to any of Hunter's business dinners with foreign business partners, Archer said that Joe did go to one of these meals.

This bombshell news is similar to the explosive story that broke in 2020, when the New York Post said that Hunter Biden had introduced his father, Vice President Joe Biden, to a top executive at Burisma. The Biden team strongly denied that the meeting ever happened, and close aides also said that the story was not true. Archer's evidence, on the other hand, goes against these denials and shows that Joe Biden was in fact at the dinner where this happened. The media's coverage of this story follows a familiar pattern: they deny, ignore, or play down the facts that contradict their claims. It's as if they're a propaganda machine, ignoring any news that could hurt their prefered nominee.

Archer's testimony may not be as bad as some of the other things that have come out about this scandal, but it gives House Republicans and journalists another reason to look into the Bidens' role in this government access affair. It's time for the truth to come out and for Joe Biden's bad behaviour to be shown for what it is. The Bidens may say they are the best, but their history shows that they are really good at one thing: being crooked.

Written by Staff Reports

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