Is Kamala Harris Letting President Biden Down? Insiders Say Yes.

Alarm bells are ringing for Vice President Kamala Harris as reports emerge that President Joe Biden is disappointed in her lackluster performance as his second-in-command. According to top officials within the Biden administration, Harris has not “risen to the occasion” and is not taking enough off Biden’s plate, causing tension between the two.

Sources claim that Harris is fearful of making mistakes and has been late in joining important political battles, such as the ongoing border crisis and Ukraine, prompting concerns about her ability to effectively support the President. A former White House official has said Harris is failing to take anything off Biden’s plate because of her fear of messing up.

While some officials have unfortunately come forward to defend Harris, citing her past work as a senator and attorney general in California, the doubts about her effectiveness as Vice President continue. Some people believe that Biden’s decision to run for re-election is due to doubts about Harris’s performance as his running mate.

Despite Harris publicly supporting the President and his agenda, her past criticisms of Biden during the Democratic primary race and perceived lack of chemistry between the two during the campaign continue to cause doubts. It is increasingly unclear whether Harris is the right choice for Vice President, with the possibility of her being replaced becoming more realistic.

Time will tell how these rumors will impact the relationship between Biden and Harris going forward. But one thing is for certain: Harris has many challenges to overcome to prove herself as an effective and capable Vice President.

Written by Staff Reports

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