Is Now the Time to Get Up and Face the Enemy?


Your ancestors may have been oppressed or resisted oppression in the 1940s, depending on who you ask. What specific takeaways can we draw from the encounter?

Terry McNeely, a great friend and stand-up comedian, had planned to transport me from Michigan to Long Island in March of 2020.  A virus that'd kill more than 99 percent of the United States population was to blame for the country's closure. As we traveled, we gathered toilet paper from hotels and rest areas. To describe communism as a "dress rehearsal," I misunderstood the context, and that's precisely what it was. Finally, it was time for the show!

In the current situation, I'm unsure whether we're witnessing communism or something else. Between 1933 and 1939, the Nazi party was able to gain enormous control over German citizens in an extremely short period of time. Everything began with a fictitious inferno at the Reichstag, the nation's seat of government. Nazis destroyed it and blamed a communist for it. As a result of this "right," they are now able to enact legislation that protects the nation from harm.

As well as being known as the "Hong Kong Fluey," the COVID-19 Reichstag fire may go by a variety of other names. It has been used as a weapon by Democrats to put us in prison and take away our freedom. Forcibly evicting us from our homes when we refused to leave, they fired us from our jobs. They gave us a little amount of money in order to make us dependent on them. In order to force us into taking a "vaccine" they said would be successful, they used COVID as a threat. When the Bat-stew Flu spread, first responders and other employees who put their lives at risk were fired if their sleeves didn't rise and they didn't bend over. We were coerced into donning masks that were of little use and stood on stickers while grocery shopping because of COVID. This idea was based on information that is no longer relevant. In order to ensure the "safety and security of the nation," everything was done.

The Democrats wanted to know how much power they could exercise on us and what sorts of acts they could get away with, so they conducted a series of experiments. To see such a bizarre occurrence is at once astounding, alarming, and downright embarrassing. Like lambs, we trotted after them as if they were our herd. In order to guarantee the "safety and security of the nation," this measure was done.

Grouchy As a child, Joe insisted that us wear masks for a hundred days because he stated he didn't want us to be immunized.

He said that the immunization will put an end to the proliferation of COVID right away. They said that Trump was a party to a plot involving the Russian government. In order to give the impression that Joe had sold his influence to mad levels and included pornographic photographs of drugs on Hunter's laptop, the Russians falsified it. What is the limit of our tolerance for being duped?

As of this week, Joe Biden has taken his communist and Nazi rhetoric to a new level. After Elon Musk, a billionaire who greatly favors free speech, acquired Twitter, this strange incident occurred. Comrade Joe and his government seem to be in a state of disarray. There is a desire to force their will on the facts. There is a danger to silence anybody who dares to speak out against them. However, although we are still unsure of exactly what the term "stop" means, we do know that the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is behind the new censorship panel, which has a Nazi-like bent and members who are armed to the teeth.

By Biden's recommendation, Nina Jankowicz should lead the "ministry of truth." She's prone to embellishing her stories in public. On top of that, I think she's crazy than a squirrel.

While the comparison of politicians to the Nazis may be a slur, it is factual. The SA, or brownshirts, were paramilitary thugs deployed by Hitler to cause disturbances whenever and wherever he saw necessary. They only ran across a small number of hurdles along the way. This is the same tactic used by both Antifa and the Black Lives Matter movement in service of Democrats. There are a plethora of more analogies to be discovered.

Here is a table I developed comparing the parallels between Nazis, Communists, and Democrats since I believe it's either now or never. The following are the three largest political parties in the United States:

  • Those who do not have firearms
  • Truth-seeking organizations that oppose freedom of expression
  • Opposition figures are now being held in custody (J6 protestors are still in jail).
  • The violent nature of street gangs is well-known.
  • You get to choose the lessons your children will learn in life.
  • The ability to influence and direct the media (Twitter resigned from the NY Post after breaking the Hunter laptop story).
  • Gestapo/KGB/FBI

But I'm sure you already got the gist of what I'm trying to say. RINOs, on the other hand, are in favor of all of these concerns.

To what aim did fascist movements such as Nazism and communism become so powerful? People of good will were not silenced. It was up to them, despite the fact that they and their children were being marched to the gas chambers, to put up with the persecution.

Second Amendment, like 30 round magazines, was never meant to be used in the field.

It was recognized by the Founding Fathers that man has the capacity to become a tyrant, and the Constitution was written with this in mind by them. The Democratic Party has become an authoritarian one. First Amendment freedoms should be abolished, and the Second Amendment should be made more permissive. They want to be able to control your thoughts and words. In the beginning of 2020, they wanted total control, even though 66% of COVID patients had already been locked down by May that year.

For those of you who've ever wondered what life would be like in Nazi Germany, now is your chance. Don't allow yourself to be dominated, thus raise your volume. Put money into ammo. We'll have to put up a fight that's on par with theirs. In this case, the "high road" is not an option.

Voting them out of office in November puts you on the ballot with the dictators already in power. You don't have to worry about your progressive sister-in-law and her soy boi toy accusing you of being a racist since it is physically impossible for men to become pregnant. You may wear your Make America Great Again (MAGA) hat with pride and cause a sensation online. You intimidate them.

However, this time around it is 1933 in the United States of America. The tyranny that our ancestors perpetrated on Europe and Asia can only be overcome by the United States. We have complete control over this. Get ready to have some fun.

The preceding is a summary of an article that originally appeared on Real News Real Patriots.

Written by Staff Reports

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