Is Santa Claus a Liberal or Conservative?

In America we have a tendency to categorize things based on political ideology, which is why it’s fun to ask the question: Is Santa Claus conservative or liberal?

We already know that Santa is a male, and he’s married to Mrs. Claus so most likely he is straight and believes in traiditonal marriage.

So much of our knowledge of good ole Saint Nick comes from the story “Twas the Night Before Christmas.” Here’s more of what it taught us…

Santa is a drinker, and he is overweight and probably out of shape.

Although he’s a big employer, he may be guilty of violating human rights by his treatment of his elves.

PETA doesn’t have any formal complaints about Santa but they can’t be happy that he’s wearing fur on his uniform.

Giving away a lot of presents implies that Santa is liberal, but he holds the kids responsible for their actions so that he can be considered conservative.

It’s possible that Santa doesn’t respect privacy since enters homes at night seemingly without permission. He may encourage kids to have an entitlement mentality, which is why he gives them gifts under the tree. But he also requires them to follow a certain moral code in order to receive gifts.

Due to the Second Amendment and Santa, there has been a lot of controversy. Some gun shops have started to imply that Santa supports giving guns for Christmas. His red suit has been associated with conservative states.

Although Santa may seem conservative, there are still reasons to believe that he’s liberal.

We can probably learn a lesson from Santa though. Most Americans have some conservative tendencies and some liberal tendencies. Santa welcomes all and rewards all – so long as you’re a good person!

Written by Staff Reports

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