JD Vance Takes on Elites: Exposing College Collusion & Fighting for Fair Admissions!

Senator JD Vance (R-OH) is once again taking matters into his own hands to hold elite colleges and universities accountable for their shady behavior. After sending a letter to multiple schools warning them not to violate the Supreme Court’s affirmative action rulings, Vance has now set his sights on the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and the Department of Justice (DOJ).

In his recent letter to the FTC and DOJ, Vance highlights the growing concern over coordinated conduct among competing schools. Many top universities, including some that received his previous letter, are currently facing antitrust litigation over allegations of colluding on financial aid policies and admissions practices. It’s about time someone put an end to their sneaky tactics!

But it seems that Vance’s warnings fell on deaf ears. Not a single school responded to his letter “in good faith.” Instead, they all sent standardized, dismissive responses that were suspiciously similar in substance and structure. It’s almost as if they were colluding to brush off his inquiries. Vance even calls out the striking similarities in their responses, from the length of the letters to the vague promises of compliance with the Supreme Court’s decision. It’s clear that these schools are trying to cover their tracks and avoid scrutiny.

Vance raises a valid concern about the potential for schools to secretly reintroduce race-based preferences under the guise of “diversity statements” and other sneaky tactics. He points out that schools communicating and professing shared interests, such as maintaining a “racially diverse” student body, might be tempted to jointly adopt new admissions policies to ensure their competitors don’t gain an advantage. This kind of collusion should not be tolerated.

In light of these troubling findings, Vance suggests that a special report be ordered to investigate the collusive behavior of colleges and universities, particularly regarding new admissions policies implemented after the Harvard College decision. It’s time to hold these institutions accountable and ensure that they play by the rules.

Kudos to Senator Vance for standing up to these sneaky schools and working to protect the integrity of the college admissions process. The American people deserve transparency and fairness when it comes to higher education. It’s time to put an end to the backroom deals and underhanded tactics. Let’s hope the FTC and DOJ take Vance’s concerns seriously and take action against these colluding institutions.

Written by Staff Reports

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