Jen Psaki’s ‘Worst Nightmare’: What She Just Revealed!

Jen Psaki, the former White House press secretary and current MSNBC contributor, has announced that she will not be running for office in the future. She has also made it clear that her political career is officially over. Psaki is set to launch a new show on MSNBC called “Inside with Jen Psaki” which will debut in March and run on Sundays at noon. The show will feature one-on-one interviews with lawmakers and analysts, as well as a regular column from Psaki herself.

When asked about potentially running for office, Psaki responded with her “worst nightmare” and said “God forbid.” Psaki also addressed the criticism that she would be too biased in her coverage of President Joe Biden, saying that she would neither “gratuitously attack him nor gratuitously applaud him.” She added that she was critical of Biden’s handling of classified documents and that she would not be a “mouthpiece” for the President.

Psaki was also questioned about the ethics of negotiating her future employment with MSNBC while still working in the White House. She responded by saying that she took the ethical requirements seriously and took steps to ensure there were no conflicts.

Psaki’s decision to end her political career and take on a new role as an interviewer and columnist marks an exciting new chapter in her career. Her show will give viewers an inside look into the lives of lawmakers and analysts, as well as a unique perspective from Psaki herself. With her new show, Psaki will be able to continue to inform the public while also staying true to her promise of not running for office in the future.

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