Malcolm X Family Sues FBI, CIA: Explosive New Lawsuit!

On February 21, 2023, the daughters of civil rights leader Malcolm X, accompanied by their attorney Ben Crump, held a press conference at the location where their father was assassinated 58 years earlier. During the conference, they revealed their plans to file a lawsuit seeking $100 million in damages from the FBI, CIA, and New York City Police Department. The family alleges that these agencies concealed evidence related to Malcolm X’s assassination, and they believe that justice has been denied for too long.

According to Ben Crump, the government and law enforcement agencies purposely withheld factual and exculpatory evidence from both the family of Malcolm X and the individuals who were falsely convicted of crimes related to his assassination. Crump cited the $36 million settlement awarded to two of those wrongfully convicted as evidence that justice was not served in Malcolm X’s case. Furthermore, Crump repeatedly mentioned J. Edgar Hoover and accused him of plotting to assassinate Malcolm X.

Two years prior to this lawsuit, Malcolm X’s daughters made allegations based on a deathbed confession from police officer Raymond Wood, which was written in January 2011. In the letter, Wood supposedly admitted to participating in actions that he now regarded as shameful and harmful to the progress of his fellow Black individuals, and claimed he was following the instructions of his superiors.

The daughters of Malcolm X have expressed their desire that this lawsuit will provide closure on the unanswered questions surrounding their father’s death and ultimately bring justice to him. Ilyasah Shabazz emphasized “The truth about the circumstances surrounding to the death of our father is important – not just to his family, but to many followers and fans… And it is our hope that the prosecution of this case will finally provide some unanswered questions. We want justice served for our father.”

The family’s attorney Ben Crump believes that if the state can award millions to two men wrongfully convicted of Malcolm X’s murder, then the same should hold true for those who suffered the most from his death, namely his daughters. He further alleges that government and law enforcement officials conspired to kill Malcolm X and have been concealing evidence related to his assassination.

The preceding article is a summary of an article that originally appeared on The Daily Caller

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