Jill Biden Missteps on Free Community College Plan

In a famous science-fiction book, the author talked about how nothing comes for free. This idea is something that is often forgotten by many politicians, including Jill Biden. She recently spoke at a college in Arizona and suggested that community college should be free. However, the truth is, there is no free lunch – someone always has to pay for things.

While it’s true that community colleges can offer excellent career training, suggesting that they should be free is economically illiterate. In reality, everything has a cost, whether it’s paying for facilities, teachers, or other expenses. The cost of education doesn’t just disappear; it gets shifted onto taxpayers through inefficient government processes.

Moreover, the Biden administration’s push to cancel student loans is a concerning overreach of power. Transferring the burden of debt from individuals who willingly took out loans to taxpayers is unfair and unconstitutional. Education is a decision that comes with consequences, and it should be seen as a transaction based on voluntary agreements, not forced wealth redistribution.

It’s important to remember the principles of trade and ownership. Taking money from taxpayers to cover educational expenses is essentially theft. Jill Biden’s inability to grasp these basic economic truths is disappointing. Making community college free may sound appealing on the surface, but in reality, it’s a flawed and unsustainable approach that ultimately harms taxpayers and distorts the true value of education.

Written by Staff Reports

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