Joe Biden’s Second Term Announcement Shocks the Nation

President Joe Biden has confirmed on Monday that he will be running for a second term for the presidency come the year 2024. In an interview with NBC News during the egg roll event, the president said that he indeed plans to run but said that they will not yet make an official declaration as of yet.

The president has been vocal along with his staff about his intention of running again, and this statement is the most apparent confirmation that he is indeed running for 2024. But, it is important to note that it is not surprising given that his political party does not have any clear frontrunners for 2024.

First lady Jill Biden also hinted last February that President Biden’s announcement is close to happening, and it is only a matter of when and how it will happen. She also emphasized that they will support the president whatever decision he may make.

It’s a significant moment that could provide a new direction for the country in the next four years. It will be an exciting race for sure, and a lot of things can happen before the official announcement. The president intends to do his job to the best of his abilities and make sure that the country continues to progress.

Written by Staff Reports

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