Kagan Attacks States’ Rights, Backs Centralized Power

In a stunning display of liberal elitism, Supreme Court Justice Elena Kagan has once again revealed her biased agenda. Kagan, an Obama-appointed judge, took to the bench to question whether a state should have the audacity to remove a national candidate from the ballot. It’s no surprise that Kagan would defend the rights of a former President who was accused of inciting insurrection and attempting to overthrow the government.

The case at hand involved the removal of former President Donald Trump from the Colorado ballot for the 2024 election based on the 14th Amendment’s “insurrectionist” clause. Kagan interrogated the lawyer representing the plaintiffs, challenging the notion that a state should have the power to decide who gets to be the President of the United States. It’s clear that Kagan believes in a centralized government that tramples on the rights of individual states to make their own decisions.

But let’s take a step back and think about this. Shouldn’t the decision of whether a former President who incited a violent mob should be allowed to run for office again be a national concern? Kagan seems to think that one state’s judgment should not carry weight, disregarding the fact that the actions of a candidate affect the entire nation. It’s this type of liberal thinking that undermines the principles of federalism and puts the power solely in the hands of an elite few.

Kagan went even further in her attempt to undermine the state’s authority by questioning whether a single state should have the ability to make this determination for the rest of the nation. She clearly doesn’t trust the citizens of Colorado or any other state to have a say in who they want to represent them. Instead, she believes that a centralized government, controlled by the Supreme Court, should dictate the fate of our elections. It’s yet another example of liberals’ disdain for individual liberty and their desire to consolidate power.

Thankfully, the lawyer representing the plaintiffs pushed back, explaining that it is the Supreme Court’s role to decide constitutional eligibility and settle the issue for the entire nation. But Kagan, in her infinite wisdom, continued to challenge the notion that states should have any autonomy in the electoral process. She conveniently ignored the fact that section II of the 14th Amendment explicitly grants states the right to appoint their own electors. It seems Kagan is more interested in pushing her own agenda than abiding by the Constitution.

It’s clear that Justice Elena Kagan is a partisan activist masquerading as a Supreme Court Justice. Her attempt to undermine the authority of states and consolidate power in the hands of a few unelected elites is alarming. The American people deserve better, and it’s time we hold these liberal justices accountable for their biased and unconstitutional actions. The future of our democracy depends on it.

Written by Staff Reports

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