Kamala Harris Faces Uphill Battle for Presidency, Polls Show

Kamala Harris’s presidential dreams might not become a reality, according to polls tracking her approval ratings and chances of winning an election. Despite serving as the vice president, many Americans are hesitant about the idea of her stepping into the top spot at the White House. Politico conducted a poll that revealed only a third of voters overall believe Harris could win an election if she were her party’s nominee. Additionally, her approval ratings are struggling, with only 42 percent viewing her favorably compared with 52 percent unfavorably according to the same poll.

The article suggested that even though some supporters highlight Harris’s efforts on reproductive health and problems important to the black community and youth, her public perception still faces challenges. R.L. Miller, a climate activist and Democratic National Committee member, mentioned that Harris is not strongly associated with issues like foreign policy, which is crucial in today’s world. Furthermore, the poll found that 36 percent of voters think President Joe Biden should replace Harris with another Democrat before the November election.

Additionally, the poll asked respondents who they would want to see as the Democratic nominee in 2028 if Biden isn’t the candidate. The results were unfavorable for Harris, with her lagging at 21 percent, far lower than other potential candidates. The overall data from the poll indicates that although some have faith in her, a significant portion of voters doubt Harris’s capacity to win an election for the top seat. Despite some positive feedback from her supporters, the poll numbers suggest that the Democratic Party might not want to offer Harris as their nominee, neither this fall nor in 2028.

Written by Staff Reports

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