Kamala Harris Protects Biden From Impeachment, Boebert Says

As Joe Biden struggles with the issue of how he handled classified information, he has a potential advantage over potential impeachment threats: Kamala Harris, his vice president.

Despite the growing number of House Republicans who are calling for Biden's impeachment, they are still hesitant to do so due to their negative view of Kamala Harris.

According to Boebert, Biden has a shrewd insurance policy with Harris, who is viewed as a more unpopular vice president than him. Members of Congress are not calling for impeachment because of their disdain for Biden.

The allegations surrounding Biden's mishandling of classified information have prompted investigations. These documents were discovered in his private office and in his home in Delaware.

According to CNN, some of the documents that were found in Biden's office included intelligence reports and briefing materials on topics such as Iran, Ukraine, and the United Kingdom. This could expose Biden to allegations of national security misconduct.

Robert Hur, a special counsel, was appointed by Attorney General Garland to investigate the documents. He was given the power to look into the materials and determine if there were any wrongdoings.

If Biden is found guilty of wrongdoing, then Republicans could use this as a way to impeach the president. However, this could be difficult since Harris would become the next president if Biden is removed from office.

According to Boebert, both Trump and Biden have failed to uphold the law. They should be held accountable for their actions.

The preceding is a summary of an article that originally appeared on Washington Examiner.

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