Kamala Harris Undeterred by Dems: Set to Campaign for Biden in 2024

Despite the criticisms from within her own party and her underwater approval ratings, Vice President Kamala Harris is reportedly set to campaign across the country as a part of President Joe Biden’s 2024 presidential bid. According to The Wall Street Journal, Harris intends to travel to “urban centers of swing states to persuade Black voters, young people and other liberal constituencies” as part of the campaign effort. While Biden has not yet announced a re-election bid, he is expected to officially declare in the months to come.

The White House plans to make abortion a central part of its campaign strategy, and Harris has already traveled extensively to promote the administration’s plans since the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade. In interviews with the Daily Caller, four Democratic or Independent senators refused to say whether they would endorse Harris appearing on the ticket in 2024, and four others deferred to the president. Nine offered Harris a direct endorsement.

It is clear that Vice President Kamala Harris is attempting to use her position of power to push a radical left-wing agenda, which includes promoting abortion and other liberal policies. This is an agenda that is out of touch with the values of many Americans, and it is concerning that she is so eager to be a part of Biden’s 2024 presidential bid.

Additionally, it is concerning that Harris has faced such criticism from within her own party and has such low approval ratings. Her refusal to return Democratic Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s calls after the senator declined to endorse her for the VP slot during a January interview is indicative of her lack of respect for her fellow Democrats.

It is clear that Vice President Kamala Harris is not the best choice for Biden’s 2024 presidential bid. Her radical left-wing agenda and her lack of respect for her fellow Democrats make her an unappealing candidate for many Americans. It is important that Biden takes into consideration the opinions of his constituents when making his decision about who should be his running mate in 2024.

Written by Staff Reports

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